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Welcome to A.C mario page

In this page I will be telling information on mario and the main character

We all know who this is right. Yeah it's Mario the main charater of all the mario nintendo games. He is the older brother of luigi and he is also the hero of the game. Mario first came out in 1984 and then started to come out more often

We also know who this. it's luigi time. This guy is the brother of mario and he has a huge advantage than mario in some games luigi can jump the highest and higher than his older bro.He also has a few games that have him as the main character. An example would be super luigi u.

we all know who this little dino is. It's yoshi the 4th most cutest charcater according to the world. He is also mario's little helper if there are enemies to eat call 1800 yoshis and yoshi will appear in a question block inside an egg. Hit the block and then yoshi will hatch out of the egg. only sad part is that if mario needs an extra jump yoshi will be the one that suffers.

we all know who this Character is. This is the main villan of all the mario games. His name is Bowser and he has always been causing problems in the mushroom kingdom and then he also likes to kidnap the princess and take her to his castle but then the two heros in overalls go traveling through worlds to save the princess

of course Bowser can't do this on his own he gets some from his son Bowser jr who is the heir to the throne. This litle gut may be small but he ccan cause alot of trouble espacially when he has his clown car. This clown car can fly and turn into objects.

Now Bowser does not only have his son but he also has 7 minoins plus kamek who is not in this picture but he is a witch. But any way the name of these koopalings are The light blue is larry, the purple one is Roy,The one on the ball and is yellow is lemmy. The pink one is wendy. The green one is iggy. the gray one is morton and the blue one is ludwig. these koopalings can use Magic to defeat their enmies for each world the two bros must defeat these to be able to contiue