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Welcome to A.C soccer page.

In this page you will see pictures of the type of players that play on the field and what the meaning of their position is.

The team

A soccer team conatains 10 players and a goalie which makes 11 players. on the team there four different types. those positions are the goalie,Defense ,Midfielders,and fowards/strikers.I will mention them all.

The goalie plays the most important part of the game. The goalie stands near the goal so if the team takes shot to the goal the goalie can try to block the shot. the best thing is that the goalie is the only player that is allowed to use their hands to block. The goalie that I chose the picture of is a mexican goalie called Alfredo Talavera. He is a very good goalie.

The defense also have an important role in a game the defender helps the goalie defend the goal but instead of them standing near the goal they play on the field near the goal. The defense player cannot use their hand to block a goal instead they have to use their feet. If a defense player uses their hands in the goal zone that could give the opponent to shot to the goal. That would be known as a penalty where the other team has a straight shot to the goal. The player above is a mexican player called Rafael marquez. he plays Defense and he is also the captian of the team.

The midfielders have the most hardest positions. Yes you might think that why if they play in the middle of the field. yeah they do but they actually play both offense AND defense. They help the offense by passing them the ball so they can try to score but they also help the Defense when there is a free kick,foul, or corner kick.

The strikers take a shot to the goal and they try to score. they basically are in charge on giving the team a victory over the other team. The two pictures that I have posted are pictures of the most popular player of mexico which is Javiar Hernandez also known as Chicharito. He is one of mexico's best player.