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Welcome to A.C Train page.

Welcome to my Mta page in this web you will learn a little information over the trains that people use the most which are the 1,2,3,4,5,6,7 trains

The 7 avenue Trains.

The 1 train runs along the 7 avenue line as a local train it runs from van cordlant 241st to south ferry. With the one train you can transfer to many trains the trains that you can get with the one is the A,B,C,D,N,Q,R,S,E ,and of course it's partners the 2 and 3 trains.

The 2 train runs on the 7 avenue line similar to the one train. However the 2 train is an express train it is the 7 av express. But the 2 train runs local in Brooklyn and the Bronx. Late nights the 2 train runs local in Manhattan. The 2 train runs from wakefield 241st and Flatbush avenue-Brooklyn college. It's partner that it mostly runs with is the 5 train.

The 3 trains runs on the 7 avenue line similar to the one and two train. The 3 train is also a 7 avenue express train. But the 3 train runs local in Brooklyn as well.The 3 train runs from harlem 148st and new lots avenue. However the 3 train is not an all time route train during late nights the 3 train does runs express latenights but it only runs to Times square 42nd street . Instead late nights I would recommend taking the 2 train to get to brooklyn and for service to new lots avenue. Take the 4.(See 4 information for more details)

The Lexington Avenue Trains

The 4 train runs on the lexington avenue line. The 4 train runs lexington avenue express. The 4 train also runs express in brooklyn. The 4 train runs between woodlawn-jerome avenue and crown heights Utica Avenue.Late nights however the 4 train replaces the 3 train in Brooklyn. From Crown heights utica avenue the 4 train runs to new lots avenue late nights. The 4 train also runs local late nights in both Brooklyn and Manhattan.

The 5 trains runs on the lexington avenue express similar to the 4 train. The 5 train runs lexington avenue express and express in Brooklyn. The 5 train runs between Eastchester Dyre Avenue and Flatbush avenue brooklyn college.however on weekends the 5 train's line is reduced by 30% and it runs only to Bowling green and on late nights everyday the 5 train works as a shuttle between Eastchester dyre avenue and east 180st in the Bronx.

The 6 train runs on the lexington avenue line similar to the 4 and 5 train only that the 6 train is a lexington avenue local. The 6 train runs from Brooklyn bridge city hall to pelham bay park. However there are some six trains that only run to parkchester. The 6 train runs local all times in manhatten but however during rush hour in the morning trains coming from pelham bay park run express in the bronx from parkchester to 3av-138st and for p.m rush hour pelham bay park run local from 3av-138st to parkchester. parkchester bound trains run local all the route runs .

The 7 train run via the flushing avenue line from Flushing main st to 34st Hudson yards. The 7 train runs local all times. but similar to the six train there are trains that run express. In the morning there is 7 express service to manhatten from 6 a.m to 11a.m and to flushing main st from 3 pm to 9:45 pm. Both trains run express from Mets-willets point to Queensbro plaza