<--!The reason that I have choose this image is because I am into smash bros and the reason I choose is that this is one of my favorite final smashes. This final smash is powerful. the Character would slash his opponent into the air and he would slash his opponent ten times and then with one final slash he send his opponenet to the ground if the opponenet is light then the chances of it surviving is realy slim. but if the opponent is heavy then the heavy one would have to be at a high percentage of damage to die but anyway the attack is very powerful and it is my favorite final attack-->

<--!The reason that I have choose this image is the fact that pit is one of my favorite characters and his final smashes are one my favorite. It's called Three-Sacred tresures and this attack can rack a bunch of damage that it could even kill one even they just came back. Pit attacks with arrows and they are bigger than his original arrows. then near the end of the attack he shots five arrows into the air and then the arrows come down but as blue wave. I don't know how to expalin it.-->

<--!The reason that I have chose this is the fact that This is the most coolest final smash that there is. Mega man would launcha Black hole. If an opponent gets sucked into it. the other four mega mans from the previous games come and along with mega man. Then the charge up there gun shot and then let out a full blast of laser and energy launching opponenets far.-->